We Offer Security Services for Events

If you plan to hold an event, come to SecuritySmart Solutions, LLC for event security services. We'll ensure that the premises are safe and secure for you, your guests, and your valuable property.

The Importance of Event Security

Whether you plan to hold a music festival, a tech convention, or a business conference, there is always the possibility that unsavory elements could disrupt the proceedings or someone could steal valuables from the site. Rather than wait for the worst-case scenario, invest in prevention and hire a security service to patrol the premises and oversee security concerns for your event.

Our SecuritySmart Solutions, LLC security officers can protect staff and attendees. These security services include:

  • Event monitoring: Our security officers observe the event and make sure that everyone in attendance behaves appropriately and safely. They will check in with their supervisor on a regular basis via two-way radio and report any suspicious activity.
  • Maintaining order: Our security officers can manage crowds, direct foot traffic, and run check-in and security stations for the duration of your event. If an emergency arises, our officers will help evacuate the premises in an orderly fashion.
  • Managing disturbances: If a disturbance does occur, our officers will act quickly to quell it, whether it be an unruly guest or a crime. Officers can escort individuals out of your event and prevent them from returning, and they can also hold suspects in custody until the police arrive.

If you have VIPs in attendance at your event, our security officers can also escort them in and out of your event and provide personal security services for them throughout the event.

Our Security Qualifications and Expertise

SecuritySmart Solutions, LLC is under the direction of competent and skilled management with over 30 years of experience in the security industry. We take the qualifications of our security officers seriously and only provide professional, well-trained, and knowledgeable security teams for your event.

If you need event security, contact us with your inquiry today.