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Security has become one of the core necessities in the present age, and this is the reason why individuals and organizations are allocating an increasing share of their budget to stay safe and protected in an increasingly unsafe world. We take care of the entire security needs of your premises by providing professional and trained private security guards. Our security guards are licensed, experienced and equipped and well-versed in handling, controlling and combating situations involving a threat.

Equipped with cutting-edge defense equipment and communication technology, our private security guards are deployed on-site to keep a hawk’s eye on your premises and vicinity, to identify malicious activity in time to proactively respond to eliminate or minimize it before it causes any damage or loss. Being the premier private security provider, we have an extensive clientele, including offices, organizations, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, malls, gyms, clubs, banks, financial institutions, event venues, hospitals as well as apartments and residences.

Our Security Officers protect property, assets, and people. Our Security Officers prevent risks and deter crime, watch out for looming danger, and report any crime they may encounter.

Our security officers provide a visible deterrent to criminals and provide professional protection for your assets. Our Security Officers are specifically trained to help prevent crimes from occurring by being proactive and not reactive.

Our Security Officers deters unwanted activity on premises and personnel by patrolling your property, monitoring your surveillance equipment, inspecting your buildings, equipment, and access points and permitting only valid entry. Our Security Officers prevent losses and damage by reporting irregularities, informing violators of policy and procedures and restraining trespassers, if necessary.

Our Armed Security Officers protect private property and ensure the safety of your staff, customers, personnel and the public. While our Armed Security Officer are not a law enforcement official, or at least not an active law enforcement official, they have similar talents and duties in a more limited role. They are licensed and highly trained officers.

Our Armed security officers are trained in methods of diffusing potential problems, preventing or stopping violence, or preventing or stopping crimes from being committed. Our Armed security officers are private security guards that are hired to protect an area, a person or persons from theft, potential attack, hostilities or criminal activities.

Every space, building, and facility has its specific security needs and therefore, require custom security requirements. While some would only require some on-site guards, the other high-risk areas such as financial institutions, sports stadiums, government institutions, residential and commercial properties, offices, media houses and printing press require more stringent security protocols. We provide mobile security patrolling to such high-risk buildings – including residential, commercial as well as public spaces – to ensure they stay safe and protected from all potential risks of violence, loss, and intrusion.

We have a large fleet of latest vehicles – all equipped with cutting-edge security devices, to communicate any threat to law enforcement agencies and combat it efficiently to preserve the safety of the premises. Depending on your specific needs, we design a custom mobile security plan, and schedule patrolling at varying times to prevent any criminals or wrongdoers from attempting to break into your premises. Featuring licensed, equipped and fully-marked vehicles, and with highly-trained security professionals on board, our security patrolling services are customized, affordable and offered across the State of Tennessee.

We know the value of your time. Taking care of all of your everyday tasks, errands, and commitments, we allow you to make every moment count and utilize your time in more productive ways, rather than having to worry about mundane tasks. From working the front desk at condominiums, hotels, and office buildings to managing your meetings and appointments, and from going from concierge to security in a moments notice, our concierge services circumscribe all aspect of your personal and professional life. In fact, we have transformed the idea of traditional concierge services, and have been providing complete lifestyle management solutions to VIPs, celebrities, executives, and HNIS.

Our concierge staff is courteous, dedicated, professional and trained on VIP lifestyle management, and always ready to go the extra mile to deliver you satisfaction and peace of mind through bespoke and unmatched concierge services.

Pursuing our mission to make everyone feel protected, we do not just provide security services – we also offer specialized, hands-on defense training under the supervision of veteran security professionals. We believe that the world around us can only be made more secure if everyone becomes in-charge of their own security – regardless of their age, gender, experience or expertise. To achieve this goal, everyone needs to be trained on fundamental self-defense techniques so they can proactively respond to a situation where their (and of others’) survival is at risk.

Our defense training courses are customized for individuals from different walks of life, such a youth, women, and working professionals. The training is performed by experienced and certified instructors. The curriculum and objectives of training are tailored to suit the group of individuals being trained.

Our defense training courses teach and train individuals on federal and state laws governing the use of force, types of force, the appropriate uses of deadly and non-deadly force, introduction to firearms, safety precautions for firearms, smart techniques of using firearms and complete awareness about the situations demanding self-defense or the use of firearms.

This is an undeniable reality that everyday situations, which may not pose any threat or harm to the general public, can turn out to be irrevocably devastating for the safety of high net worth personalities, executives, ambassadors, and celebrities. Being a part of private security and law enforcement industry for over 35 years, we know that the risk and challenges to security have exponentially increased and demand more stringent security parameters. We have been providing protection and security solutions to VIPS and executives for over three decades, and have earned their satisfaction and trust through our bespoke, fool-proof and reliable security services. We devise a custom security plan for each client, based on real-world threats, and address all their safety risks and concerns in a professional, proactive and discreet way.

Our executive and VIP security service include a comprehensive threat analysis, strategic planning for movement and protocol, alternate security plans, and real-time Intel from various security sources. We have a team of skilled and experienced VIP security personnel that liaison with law enforcement authorities, to provide you a 360-degree security coverage, wherever you are, wherever you go.

We have been providing off-duty police officer services to individuals, commercial clients, construction sites, events, government institutions, and private organizations. Our off-duty police officers are professional, licensed, trained, and equipped with advanced firearms and are experienced in handling situations that threaten the life and safety of people.

We are the premier provider of off-duty police officers to an extensive clientele that includes entertainment and recreational places, large event venues, hotels, malls, restaurants, schools, estates properties, retail stores, manufacturing sites, healthcare facilities, government institutes, factories, and high-security areas. Our successful track record is a testament to the skills and expertise of our qualified off-duty police officers who have shown tremendous acts of valor in unforeseen situations. Their proficiency and experience are no match with that of private guards since they’ve had the firsthand experience of combating the most threatening situations – and therefore, they know how to stay calm, hold their nerves, and respond proactively to take control of the situation.

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